Blessed be...
I would tell you that you looked really hot today when I saw you naked, but that probably wouldn’t be appropriate, being as we’re in bed together but not doing anything.
James Stark - Hunted
My mama told me don’t trust no white boy, even a pretty one. I’m thinkin’ a pretty white boy with wings explodin’ up from the ground in a mess of blood and ugly-ass bird things is double trouble.
Kramisha, Hunted (via perry-xp)
It’s not the same thing for any of us. For some people the only thing they have to struggle with is whether they sleep in and miss first hour or get their butts up and go to school. For other people it’s harder stuff- like whether or not to go into rehab and stay clean or to just give up and keep using.
House of Night Novels, Hunted (P.C. & Kristin Cast)

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