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Sorry tumblr doesn’t let me reply back to replies… but Zoey said that to Erik.

I just found you-I don’t want to leave you so soon
James Stark - House of Night - Untamed
As your girlfriend, you’ve just pissed me off. As your High Priestess, you’ve just insulted me. And as someone with a working brain, you’ve made me wonder if you’ve lost every bit of your sense.
Zoey Redbird - House of Night
Oh for craps sake. You’re not dying again, are you? It’s seriously inconvenient when you do that.
Aphrodite - House of Night
PC Returns Home From Scotland Tour

PC took to her blog to mention that she is safely back home. She also did mention that she is going to finish Dragon and Anastasia Lankford’s story Dragon Oath, which will be released this summer! She also said that she is going to continue working on Destined, which will be released this November! To read her blog click here.

(Source: aliensatemyfriends)

(Source: aliensatemyfriends)

My mama told me don’t trust no white boy, even a pretty one. I’m thinkin’ a pretty white boy with wings explodin’ up from the ground in a mess of blood and ugly-ass bird things is double trouble.
Kramisha, Hunted (via perry-xp)
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