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Heath, un-human-ness isn’t a word. It’s inhumanity.
Zoey Redbird (Betrayed)

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“Honey, you have to move past this.”

“How, Grandma?”

“By honoring her memory by living a life she’d be proud of you for living. Live for her, too.”

“It’s hard, Grandma…”

“…Death is more difficult if it goes unacknowledged.”

(from Betrayed, a House of Night novel)

I wish my grandmother was more like Grandma Redbird.

Okay, so who the hell wants to eat chocolate in moderation?
Zoey Redbird, Marked (via perry-xp)
Then James Stark, Zoey Redbird’s warrior, bowed his head and began to cry.

Tempted by P.C. and Kristen Cast

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If you could have any affinity what would it be?

I would want to have the affinity for Earth.

I’m Zoey Redbird, currently the undisputed Queen of Making My Friends Pissed Land.
Zoey Redbird, Untamed (via perry-xp)
We’re so special, when you look in the dictionary under short bus, there’s a group picture of us.
Stevie Rae Johnson - Untamed
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