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Book Suggestions… Do you have any?

While you are waiting for Dragon’s Oath or Destined to come out, I thought should suggest some books series that you guys might enjoy.

Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Vampire Academy Series By Richelle Mead

Trylle Trilogy By Amanda Hocking

My Blood Approves Series By Amanda Hocking

Young Adult Sci-Fi

The Hunger Games Trilogy By Suzanne Collins

I’m actually looking for some new books to read, so if you guys have any suggestions I would love to hear them [:

PC Cast Mentions Dragon’s Oath in latest blog post…

PC says…

I’m still working on DRAGON’S OATH! Ooooh, it’s good!”

To read the full post click here.

Twilight Vs. House of Night Survey

~Twilight Favorites~

Favorite character? 

Favorite book?

Jacob or Edward?

Favorite quote? 

"If I could dream at all, I would dream about you. And I’m not ashamed of it."

- Edward

Midnight Sun or Twilight? 
Midnight Sun.

~House of Night favorites~

Favorite Character?

Favorite book so far? 

Heath or Erik? 

Stark or Erik?

Red vampires or regular vamps? 
Regular vampyres.

Do you like Zoey’s last name as Redbird or Montgomery? 

~Twilight vs. House of Night~

Edward Cullen or Erik Night?
Edward Cullen.

Zoey’s control over all 5 elements or Edward’s mind reading? 
Elemental control.

Imprinting House of Night’s way or Twilight’s way?
Um. Probably Twilights way, just because if an imprint for HoN were to break it would hurt a lot.

Sleep during the day with school at night or regular school and no sleep? 
Sleep during the day w/ school at night.

House of Night tatoos or Twilight gorgeousness? 
Twilight gorgeousness.

Would you rather face Neferet or Victoria?
Ummm probably Victoria, because Neferet seems more dangerous and scary.

Stevie Rae’s blond, curly hair or Alice’s black, spiky hair? 
Stevie Rae’s hair.

Twilight cover or Marked cover?
Marked cover.

The spelling of vampyre in House of Night or vampire in Twilight? 

House of Night or Forks Highschool?
House of Night of course, the classes seem really interesting.

Who do you like better, Shaunee or Erin?

If I had to pick, I would probably pick Erin, just because her affinity is water. But other than that, they are like the same person. It’s hard to choose. 

So who would you pick and why?

I don’t see a monster when I look at you—not outside, not inside.
Stevie Rae, HoN: Awakened (via freedom-star)

(Source: spoopyasscorporal)

I’m not gonna lie and pretend anymore…I’m not THAT good of an actress. I don’t ever want to be THAT good of an actress.
Stevie Rae, HoN: Awakened (via freedom-star)

(Source: spoopyasscorporal)


Glee Cast - Defying Gravity 

This song is so sad…. At least if ur a HoN reader. Why did it have to be Jack? He was such a nice innocent boy. SAAD.

It’s time to try 
Defying gravity 
I think I’ll try 
Defying gravity 
Kiss me goodbye 
I am defying gravity 
And you wont bring me down!

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